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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

"If you're on our previously most expensive Pro Plan, we're taking away business-critical features and you have less than one month to rework your entire base structure to fit new limits, pay us twice as much, or f*ck off" – Airtable, basically

Have fun talking to your clients this week!

Edit: Since this post is being kudo'd and people coming to the forum about this might see it first,  I wanted to put @ScottWorld's summary of the 4 big downgrades to the $20 plan at the top:

  1. Automation runs have been cut in half to 25,000 automation runs.
  2. API calls have been reduced from unlimited to 100,000.
  3. Attachment space has been cut in half from 20 GB to 10 GB.
  4. Multi-source syncing has been eliminated.

As previously stated, we all have less than a month to rework our databases to fit into the new limits, or pay Airtable twice as much.  Support thus far doesn't seem willing to budge or offer any help.  Question for people on the $20 plan: How are these downgrades going to impact your business or clients?

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That airtable hasn't built a stopgap for iteratively looping automations triggering each other is so upsetting to me. I've done this twice: once, airtable reset my count -- the second time, I was afraid to ask. But why not build in a limiter like zapier.

I'm fine with the 25k limit (but will need to upgrade for sync reasons) -- the looping automation feature they dropped this year allowed me to pass so many automation heavy processes over to loops.

@Scott_Hoek wrote:

I think that "Sync Sources" is referring to only external sync sources, and not other Airtable tables.


This would be the least-bad option for this particular change. So here's hoping.🙄


Has anyone created a new Base or Workspace on a Team plan yet? I'm seeing a "Try for Free" emblem, but it looks like I can't get that from an existing account, so may need to spoof a new email to make use of the free trial (since I am somewhat more guarded about tossing extra money to AT at the moment).



Update: I was able to create a new Team workspace and test a few things related to Sync. 

Based on my testing, I'm hitting limits (ie I get sent to the "Plans/Pricing" page for my workspace) when trying to add an 11th synced table, but I'm not hitting limits on the following:

- Adding a synced table (if < 10) from a 2nd non-AT source (have done so w/ gCal and GitHub)
- Adding multiple sync sources to the same table (all of which are AT sources)

So I'm wondering if these limits are actually in place yet, or this test workspace will have some of my sources pulled on Sept 18th. Such an exciting mystery!


5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

@patmartinson did you ever find out the answer for this?

The decisions on sync sources from other Airtable bases are crucial for us – would love to know where the puck landed.