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Open record link in iOS app

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Can’t find anything about it, so research lead to this.

Airtable iOS app use url-scheme like:


You can use it in iOS Shortcut app for custom scenario, just open link with “Open x-callback URL”

For example, I copy contacts from airtable to “google contacts” via Zapier and sync it with iPhone. I add recID to every contact, so I can quickly find any in spotlight and open in airtable app

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The fact that this isn’t supported and airtable hasn’t provided any response to plans has shattered my face in the company.

@tyzhik, this is a game-changer. Thanks so much.
I really wanted this functionality with Views - to be able to link to a specific View. The format you shared works for that too!


(To others, note that Table Name and View Name will not work. Table ID will start with the ‘tbl’, View ID with ‘viw’. Both can be found in the URL bar when on your View of choice. And the former on the API page for your Base of choice.)