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I am trying to build a survey with 000s of questions. For each question I am wanting to store:

Response - multi-line note.

Rating - a score out of  5

Assignee - who the answer is assigned to.

Response Type - a drop down to select a pre-defined answer - there will be up to 5 per question, each one is unique to the question.

Is there a way to do this?

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Yeap, you'd just create one field per piece of data you want to store, per question.  I feel like I'm missing something though; if you could tell me what problems you faced while attempting to do this I could see how I could help?

Thanks for the response Adam.

It's how I setup the pre-defined answers to each question, so there's 5 of them per question.

I want a user to be able to select one of these via an interface when they are answering the question.

Important note here it's not like a status, there will be 5 per question, each of these pre-defined values are unique for each question.

This is for a health check survey, our team will be completeing the survey onbehalf of the client. We need to click on each question, then enter notes on the clients response. Then pick from the pre-defined drop down a defined value to summarise the response (we use this in a report). 

I have one table currently 'Questions' this works well - for Question, Category, Status, Priority and Notes. I assumed I needed a seperate set of tables to link the pre-defined values to the question using IDs e.g. 

Question_ID | PreDefined Answer |

1 | Question 1 Canned Answer 1

1 | Question 1 Canned Answer 2

1 | Question 1 Canned Answer 3

1 | Question 1 Canned Answer 4

1 | Question 1 Canned Answer 5

2 | Question 2 Canned Answer 1

2 | Question 2 Canned Answer 2

How I can't figure out if that's the right way or I need to do something different. 

Ultimately I want to select a score i.e. star rating, this uses conditional logic to the select the pre-defined corresponding answer. 

Below is an example of a question and score results to try and give you some context.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 09.55.57.png

 I am new to Airtable so I'm sorry if any of this is obvious!



Hi @mmss ,

Airtable’s interface forms gives you the ability to set a static predefined value for every field on your form.

However, if you’re looking to use conditional logic to create predefined values, then you would need to use one of these two apps: (1) Fillout’s advanced forms for Airtable, or (2) JotForm”s forms. Both of those form apps give you what you want, and your data will feed into Airtable.

Interesting!  Hmm, so each record in the "Questions" table is a single question and one of its answers?  Let's say you're doing a survey now, you'd have another table called "Survey" where each record represented one survey, and you were planning on linking the records from "Questions" to that one "Survey" record?  And I take it you're facing a difficulty because you need to key in notes per question, but can't?

Sorry, I'm trying to understand how you've got your current table set up and what your workflow would be!

(If I were you I think I'd have each question as a single field actually, but as I'm not familiar with your business case I can't say anything for sure)