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Filter Data by User Group

Hi Airtable Community,  is it possible to filter the shown Data in an Interface dynamic by user groups and if yes, what license do i need for this?  Thank you and bestMirko 

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Building a frontend UI framework for Airtable

Hey folk! Joel here the founder behind Paytable We're working on something new to visualise Airtabl e that gives you the full editable code you can embed or use on any site builder, LMS or tech stack called basefront app. So basically input your airt...

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Resolved! Dates

I have created a table with days off of the team. BUT for instance a person takes 2 days (22-23//24) the airtable count it as 1 day. Is there any other way to count is as 2 cuase actualy the person will be off 22 and 23.Thank you

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evi by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Number of forms

Hi, I'm getting an error message when trying to create another forms. I already have 50 forms but need more.Can't find the info.Thank you,

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Resolved! Interface

Hi, Myself and another team member are on the business plan and under the same domain. I have an option of sharing just an interface but another team member under my same business plan and domain cannot.  When they try to share just an interface, it'...

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