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A recurring question on the forum is how to change item pricing without corrupting existing data. With the Product Catalog & Orders base in Airtable templates, for instance, changing an item price changes the price shown in current and fulfilled orders – not necessarily what one wants should a refund be required.

I made a quick-and-dirty mod of the Product Catalog and Orders base to make use of price schedules. This allows items to be repriced going forward while leaving existing data unchanged. To provide this functionality, I added the [Price Schedule] table; added two fields and modified a third in the [Furniture] table; and added two fields and modified a third in [Order Line Items]. It should be easy to find the little I changed: Any field with a description is one I added or modified, and the description explains why.

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, I too have an issue with rates changing and not wanting to disturb the historic price calculations. (Lets face it, now inflation is roaring back this is going to happen more often!)

I am just wondering whether, in the two years since this post, any easier solutions have been found.