Stop/Break/End Automation on condition not being met

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

TL;DR: add a "hello world" script if you want a "condition not met" to end your automation instead of cause it to fail.

I created a base for another team in which I'm collaborating with them, and for each record that is created in their base, if it is assigned to me, I want to create it in my personal base via automations.

The Find Records approach of identifying the collaborative record that was created and re-creating it in my base was straightforward, but capturing updated collaborative records assigned to me and re-updating it in my base was a bit trickier, as "Find Record to Update" may return zero records, if the collaborative record is assigned to someone else, causing the automation to fail.

To get around this failure, I added a Run Script step for the condition in which the length of Find Records = 0, and the script is simply:

console.log("Hello, world!");

 This way, the automation will always successfully run, even if the collaborative record is assigned to someone else.



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