We Build an iOS Shortcuts Library For Airtable: Effortlessly Import Web Pages/Image To Tables

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi we're long user of Airtable, but the iOS application has long loading time, also the official Airtable Web Clipper doesn't work in mobile devices. To miss that gap, we made a Comprehensive iOS Shortcuts Library for Airtable.

To give you a better idea of how these iOS Shortcuts can ease your mobile data management, we've created a short demonstration video. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to capture web content, save images, and input text using Airtable iOS Shortcuts.

  • Capture web content with ease – While browsing the web in Safari, simply activate the Airtable shortcut to save the page's URL, title, and selected text to your designated table and fields. Just like using Airtable Web Clipper on iOS!


  • Save images on the go – Quickly add images from your photo library or camera to your Airtable database, making it easy to organize and access visual assets  


  • Streamline text input – Effortlessly transfer text snippets from any app to your Airtable fields, eliminating the need for manual copy-and-paste operations.
  • Customize data organization – Specify the target table and field names for each shortcut, ensuring your data is always stored in the right place and in the format you prefer.

Every function in the demo works 100% well, and there is no any privacy issues. If you're eager to start using these shortcuts, Please view our Shortcuts Library to get them, thanks!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you to everyone for your registrations in our site. The demo shortcuts have been sent to your mailboxes. For those newly interested, the request form on our site will always be available. Please feel free to register.