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To start this is mostly a feasibility question. I have an AirTable base that will include potential customer information for the purpose of putting together a sales agreement. The potential client database will be linked to a base that has 10-15 serv...
I am including a currency field in a text formula. How do I get the string to show the currency formatted properly? Example: The currency formula field shows: $116.67, but when I include that field in a text string it shows up as 116.66666666666667...
I’m sure it’s here or obvious, but I’m not sure what to search for. I simply want a formula that says: If Field A is not empty, then 1 else 2. Sorry if it’s obvious. Thanks.
I need a formula to find the last day of last month, no matter what day it is in the current month. Example, if today is May 10, I need to return April 30th. If today is May 15, I need to return April 30th. If today is June 30, I need to return May ...
I have a duration field and I want to multiply it by an hourly rate for billing purposes. I’m multiplying a duration, say 1:30 by an hourly rate, say $100 and getting $540,000. Our clients won’t be happy with that. How do I make this work properly? T...