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Similar to the input field used for the Description block. I’m not a developer, but can smash some available code together. I’m wanting to make something similar to the URL preview block, but instead loads a Long Text input (like Description Block) ...
I’m transitioning from Notion, and REALLY miss a space for easy RTF notes. If I could select a record, and have it load a specific RTF field in a block, I think this could be a good workaround.
New to script blocks. I’m wondering if it is possible to present a date/time selector when the script runs? I’m using a Button to call a webhook script, and would like to prompt the user for a time. Currently I have a time selection field next to ...
Trying to automate adding/remove users from systems. Working fine… except I can’t understand how to get a “forever” value to return “KeepUser” while using this formula. IF(IS_AFTER({Time math}, {Now}),“KeepUser”, “RemoveUser”) My select values are ...
I’d like to use Airtable as an IT helpdesk of sorts. I want to be able to open my users/asset table, select a record, and have a block that shows a record list that is filtered based on that selected record. So, if I have a computer asset selected, ...