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Hi, this morning it seems that the formula “DATETIME_DIFF(End, Start)” express the result in minutes and no more in seconds as before. The “Start” and “End” fields are Date fields in ISO format with a 24h date field. An Exemple: Start = "2016-07-19 0...
Hi, in the screenshot below, i have a start date field and a formula field that give the number of seconds of the moment (an end date field exists but is hidden). I would like to get the duration by day (and/or year/month/week… you get the idea) but ...
Hi, i can’t get the integer part of the result of a division. The aim is to transform for exemple 5400 (a number representing seconds) in that string: “1h 30mn”. To get the hours, i divide 5400 by 3600. The result is 1.5. Using the ROUND function doe...