Ability to Archive Bases

It would be great to mark bases as archived when no longer needed. I imagine them available under each team maybe under a second tab called “archived”. Would also want to be able to unarchive.


I LOVE this idea! We currently have bases that are no longer active but should be preserved as they are either bases for annual events or a historical record of a process, like an RFP process. Please consider!

Our team would also love to see this. We have a base per project and after we submit, we want the data if we ever need to refer back to it, but don’t need to see it in our dashboard.

couldn’t you just make a new workspace “archive” and not share that with collaborators?

Only if we wanted to pay for another Workspace in Pro. Otherwise we lose any of the perks that have come with our pro subscription.

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Any word on this one? It would be incredibly helpful to our team.

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This (and the ability to link bases) are the only features that are stopping our organization from switching over. Hope to see them soon.

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+1 for the ability to archive bases, and please add to that the ability to collapse the workspace view when there are multiple workspaces present. Our brand has six divisions overseen by the same core group, and because Airtable doesn’t allow for the creation of separate workspaces under a single pro plan (with the same pro functionality – and this is another function I’d like to see) nor does it allow for archiving, our single pro workspace is a visual mess with an ever-increasing number of project bases.

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Absolutely! This is overdue necessary! Please add.


I also would like to archive bases for reference.