Ability to create my own template


I want to create a template that I can share with my clients, one that they would then own and I would not see the results of.

For example:

I assign each of my clients a social media audit spreadsheet. They fill it in with their profile information (including usernames and passwords) and move forward using it when working on their training.

There is no reason for me to have access to their information, thus I’d love to make it a template they would use (and BONUS begin their relationship with airtable through)


The current workaround is to duplicate the base, making sure not to duplicate the rows (records), thereby duplicating only the base structure. You can then add collaborators who could duplicate the base for their own uses. Of course, this isn’t optimal. We love it when people share on Airtable, and anything that makes that easier is better for us. We are definitely planning to provide an easier/more efficient way for users to share templates with other users and the public!

What are some features you would like to see in a custom template creator? Would you be interested at all in some sort of public-facing library of user-created templates, or would you just be using it for one-to-one client interactions?


FYI, a new feature is now live—You can now copy a base from a publicly shared link, which essentially makes your base a copyable template. If you go to the Share button, create a shared link to the whole base, and make sure that the “Allow viewers to copy the data in this base” box is checked, then a button will appear in the shared base link that will allow anyone viewing the base to make copies for themselves!


Katherine, thanks for this new feature and the instructions.
But I have to say that the instructions are a bit difficult to follow, especially with the very fast changing annimated GIF.

May I suggest that you post a full-blow video with voice in you Help > Video section on “Creating and Publishing Templates”.

BTW, you should know that this existing topic does NOT answer the question it poses, so perhaps you should change the topic title:

Can I make my own templates?

I just starting using AirTable yesterday, and I love it already!