Add email preview before send

I want to send an email template based on changing an input on the table BUT I want to be able to view the email before send. E.g. Select Email Template 3 > View Email (make edits if need be) > Send Email.

I can set it up so the email is sent when selecting Email Template 3 with pre-populated fields but I want to have a quick scan of it before being sent to make sure the correct info is on it and I haven’t made a mistake with this user.

Any ideas on how this could be accomplished?


Its not ideal, but you could use two Automations.

Have one automation emails you with essentially the “template”. If everything looks good, use a Checkbox or Single Select field to update that record as “ready to send”. Then use a second Automation to send the email to the true recipient.

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That is actually a really good work around - appreciate you posting a response! Thanks!

That’s a great idea from @Kamille_Parks!

Alternatively, if you don’t need to automate the sending of your emails, you could use the SendGrid app which always shows a preview of your emails before sending.

I usually use an “email table” where I store merged emails before sending them. It is similar to the two stage system that Kamille described, except that I can make minor edits to the message without adjusting the template.

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