Add new records given value in a cell

Hello guys!
I work at a biotechnology company and we use bioreactors to produce fertilizers. My problem is the following:

I have a database with two tables: Orders and Tasks
One of the fields in the Projects table automatically calculates the number of fermentations (tasks) I have to run depending on the volume of fertilizer I need to produce. The calculation considers the total volume that must be made per order, the number of bioreactors I have available at the time of the order, and the production capacity of each bioreactor.

Since the number of brews (tasks) is dynamic, I would like to automatically create a Task list for each order.

For example, if I need to perform 17 fermentations (tasks) in a given order, I would like 17 new records to be created in the Tasks table and associated with the order.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Hi @Luiz_Gustavo_de_Alme - this post contains a solution to a similar problem:

You will need a script or script based automation to achieve this.