Add Value in Multiselect Fields

I am trying to add/insert a value in a Multiselect Field but it keeps replacing the original value in the field using Integromat.

For Example: First Pass - Option1 updated , Second Pass Option 1 Deleted and Option 2 updated in place of Option 1.

Has anyone been able to find out how to insert a new VALUE in a Multiselect Field using INTEGROMAT?


Welcome to the community, @JAIME_RODRIGUEZ! :smiley: I moved your topic to a more appropriate category (Integrations).

Integromat always replaces data, regardless of field type. It never inserts/updates. To effectively keep the existing option and add another one to it, you’ll have to capture what exists first, then add the new selection to it when updating the record.


I’ve just experimented with this and it’s quite simple - but there is a catch if the multi select field is empty.

A multi select fields contents are a Array and so you can’t just add a value with a normal formula - you need to use an ‘add’ which adds values to an array - and to get over the issue above you need to test to see if there is a value in the original version of the field coming from Airtable - so you end up with something like this:


I hope this helps!


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Hi Julian. Have you figured out the corresponding way to update (from Integromat) an Airtable record’s attachment field with multiple attachments? Thanks.

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