Adding New Select Options via Form


Is it possible to add new “single select” or “multiple select” options from a form, similar to the process in grid view?

I think what I’m looking for is the same as this post, but it was never answered.


Hi @Oscar_Hong

I’m afraid it isn’t - and I would imagine this is by design.

Forms are designed to be shared with non-users and if you enabled random people to add to your lookup tables then you would quickly find that they would become full of inconsistent entries - after all the main purpose of them is to maintain consistency of entry.

However, I can see that there are use-cases where it may be desirable to allow form users to add new entries so perhaps Airtable would consider adding this as an option - for the form designer to enable or disable form users from adding options to single/multi select and perhaps to Linked tables as well.


Ideally this would be toggle function to allow or not allow.