"Create a new option named" in Form View


Hi, all!

Happy to be a part of the Airtable community. One issue I’m running into today is as follows:

When in Main View for my tables, if I’m using the ‘Single Select’ field type I can type a new entry that doesn’t currently exist into the field. This will create a new option any time someone wants to select from this drop down.

The problem is that the same corresponding field in Form View does not offer the same capability. If you attempt to type something that doesn’t exist as an option, it will clear out the field and force you to choose from what is there.

Is this by design or is this an issue? Either way, I’d love it resolved. Haha.

Thanks guys!

  • James

Adding New Select Options via Form

As far as I can tell, this is not supported currently. I would be interested in hearing if this is on the roadmap.

I imagine it would likely be implemented as an optional item for each single-select field, as it’s clear to see many times when the usefulness of a single-select field is that it restricts answers to pre-defined options.


I would love this feature too. Any update on this? Is it on the radar?