Adding product to a form


Hi all!

I’m working on an “ordering system” that tracks and calculates orders within a stock for an event.
The stock has drink products (coca cola, coke zero, …) and can deliver to certain locations (bars).
I’d love to give a form view to a bar manager and ask them to order for their own bar each night of the event.
The issue on hand is I can’t seem to enable a bar manager to “add” a product within the form, without creating a column for each product.
Ideally, I would have a sheet containing all products and all product info (content, packaging, …), one containing all info about a certain bar and one containing all info regarding the orders that have been put.
I’ve managed to figure out most of this, except for the “selecting a product and the amount” in a form.

I am looking forward to your insights!


I’m guessing you want to let the bar owner do something like order 4 cases of Coke, 2 cases of Coke Zero, etc. Unfortunately Airtable forms aren’t yet robust enough to do that kind of thing. The best you can get is what it sounds like you found already: add a field for each product, and the bar owner would enter the quantity needed for only those products he/she is ordering, leaving everything else at zero.

You might look into what’s available from the On2Air folks. Their setup that connects Airtable to Jotforms might be able to do what you want. I haven’t dug into the possibilities myself, but it’s worth a look.

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