Additional filters for "Created Time" field

When setting up filters based on a “Created Time” field, I would love if there were more options, such as:

  • month / year created
  • within [insert time frame between two dates]
  • within [past week, past month, past year, etc]

For example, I added a ton of records to my Airtable on 6/21/21 and then again on 6/24/21. I only want to view those records, so it would be great to be able to filter for
“Created Time” → month created = June
“Created Time” → date is between = 6/21/21 - 6/24/21

Created time fields have the same filter options as other date-type fields. If you want to set up a view filter as described, use a formula field with outputs like the following:

MONTH({Created time})


IF(DATETIME_FORMAT({Created time}, 'YYYYMM') = DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), 'YYYYMM'), "current month")

For “date is between” you could use two “is on or before” view filters.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t played much with the formula fields, and didn’t know about the MONTH feature, so that is very helpful!

In terms of the second suggestion about the “is on or before” view filter, I didn’t realize that the “is” was a drop-down filter you could adjust in addition to the other view filter fields. That pretty much solves all of my questions.

Thank you!!