Auto tag line items that have been invoiced

There are lots of ways I can select a group of line items that need to be invoiced. I can select by client, by Project, or by line item date. I could add a tag field to the line item table and tag the items i want to invoice. After having selected line items to invoice i want to tag each one of them with the invoice number after the invoice is completed. How do i automate tagging the invoice line items with the invoice number?

How do you generate the invoice? Don’t you add the Line Items to the Invoices table with a Linked Record field?

If you don’t do that, you can copy the invoice code, select all the cells and paste.

Yes i have been creating the next invoice number in the invoice table and then opening the item table and linking the line items one at a time to the next invoice number. I did not know i could copy and paste … that is cool and helps. I was hoping to set this up so that i could select all of the line items i need to invoice as “ready to invoice” and then in the invoice table or somewhere else pick a project and generate the invoice for that project and the invoice number would automatically update to the line item table. Maybe that is too sophisticated for AirTable.

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So you have this tables: Projects, Tasks (line items), and Invoices?

I would create the invoice documents in the Projects:

  • Create Project
  • Add Tasks linked to the Project
  • Create an Invoice linked to the Project, just for number, date, and strict invoice information. The number generates automatically in the AutoNumber.
  • Get all the data need for the Invoice to the Project with Lookup fields.
  • Add a Page Designer block for the Project, where you have all the line items (tasks) and the Invoice information.
  • Add ‘Invoiced’ field to the Tasks, of type Lookup, and get the Invoice Number from the Project. Now you can filter Tasks by invoicing status.

Oh, and of course, if you don’t invoice tasks based on full projects, I would create the document in the Invoices table, of course adding the Tasks from the invoice, or pasting the invoice number in the Tasks as explained before.

I Invoice every week - multiple projects for any one client.
Projects can last for 4-6 months.
One invoice for each project every week for every client that has billable tasks.

This is what I’d do:

Of course you can add more fields to filter on the Invoicing view:

  • add a ‘Billable’ checkbox indicating which tasks are ready to invoice
  • add a filter bases on a Status field, so InProgress tasks are hidden
  • and so on.

The part where I carry on the Client information for the invoice is a bit tricky, but you could do it easier to build if you link a Invoice with a Client (but with one extra step for every invoice).