Automated Client Monthly Progress Report Dashboard

Hi all-
We are looking for a way to build a template for our client to send them a monthly “Progress Report” in a dashboard fashion.

I’m looking to have the data populate from our spreadsheet into the airtable template.

Has anyone done this before?

Also, if this is possible, once this is built-in Airtable is it shareable to our client if they don’t have an Airtable account? How does this work so they can get the data?

Can the table/dashboard be branded/designed so it’s not a plain dashboard?

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Debra,

Do you still have the interest of the issue?

To be honest I didn’t get how do you want to combine spreadsheet and Airtable, could you share a screenshot please?

About sharing yes, you can share a view to someone who doesn’t have Airtable account.