Automatically Trigger/Print Page Designer


After a record’s field changes from ‘Stage 1’ to ‘Stage 2’ I need to print the record. When it changes from ‘Stage 2’ to ‘Stage 3’ I need to print the record in a different layout. The Page Designer Block seems to do a great job creating the print layout, but I don’t see a way to trigger it for the record I’m editing (instead of searching for the record within the Page Designer Block). I also don’t see a way automatically trigger these prints. Is it possible? Any advice? It seems like external tools like Webmerge and Zapier might be involved, is that the case?



I Second this! I am looking to do a very similar application.


Agree with this.

Being able to trigger the page designer would be great.

Something like this should be achievable from Zapier as per the new record in view options.



+1, This would definitely save me A LOT of time. My workflow also involves printing (save as pdf) the page designer at a certain stage, then attaching it to an attachment field, which finally triggers zapier to send an email with this attachment.

Being able to automatically print/save as pdf from page designer and inserting into an attachment field will be a game changer for my multiple workflows.


Yes, it could be done with Zapier and a PDF designer tool. (We can help with that: Custom Connector for Zapier )

Also check out this tool: (Im not affiliated with it)