Average of rollup columns = NaN and want to have blank cell if so

I’m averaging 3 columns, all rollups. Note that I have this formula in them, so certain cells are blank:


The 4th column, where I want to average THOSE columns, has NaN if all 3 columns are blank. Which makes sense - I just can’t figure out how to get that 4th column to BE blank if the result is NaN.

The column currently has this formula:

AVERAGE({Value 1},{Value 2},{Value 3})

I tried to essentially mimic what I’m doing in the other columns but nothing I’m trying seems to be valid.


This formula should work:

IF(OR({Value 1},{Value 2},{Value 3}), AVERAGE({Value 1},{Value 2},{Value 3}))

It will output the average only when there’s a value in at least one of the three fields. If they’re all empty, there will be no output.

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