Blank() & Zero problem


Hi guys,

When I’m using Blank() in a formula (to flag empty fields) it also counts the number ‘0’ as a blank, and the other way around.

So when I have a formula that says {MyNumberField} = 0 it also registers the empty fields as zeroes.

Has this always been the case? At the very least I’d expect the more specific {MyNumberField} = Blank() to neglect ‘0’ fields.


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BTW: the workaround I use…

IF(LEN({Inventory Change} & "") = 0, TRUE(), FALSE())


I figured out why I thought it was working before; it does give the correct result when you reverse the argument. In my example:

IF({Inventory Change} != BLANK(), FALSE(), TRUE())

In this case ‘0’ is not equal to BLANK().


@Danielle - Nice that this has been moved to another forum, but it is still a bug / serious inconsistency.