BUG: Horizontal Scroll Moves Vertically

Shift + Scroll was working very well up until a few weeks ago. I am not sure what you guys changes, but it is definitely only a bug related to Airtable. Shift + Scroll works fine in every other windows application. Also tried the following from a few completely different PCs and the bug is still present. So it is most definitely Airtable related.

Whenever you hold shift and scroll, it moves horizontally fine. But at the end of the scroll, it moves a few rows up or down depending on the direction you’ve moved your mouse scroll wheel.

This was not the case up until a few weeks ago. It all started happening when you updated something. So please try to fix this one. It is very annoying and makes horizontal scrolling rather useless.

Just for the record, this errant behavior doesn’t exist on the Mac.

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it moves a few lines horizontally, a few vertically. Windows 10 on Chrome