Can Attachments be mp4 videos?


I would like to include a video as an attachment. The videos are not currently hosted anywhere online, they would be uploaded from my phone.


@Ann_Boes - I have the same question.


Hello there, if you’re using the iOS app, you should simply be able to tap the “photo” icon (to the right of the camera) and select a video to upload from your phone’s camera roll. Or, if you tap the “dot dot dot” icon, you would be able to upload a video from your existing Dropbox, Google Drive, etc accounts.

If you’re on the desktop web version, you can simply drag and drop any video file directly into an attachment cell and it will upload to Airtable. Hope that helps!


Hi, this doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried dragging and dropping on the desktop version and it applies to the attachment as a “document” instead of a video (so it’s unviewable). In the iOS app, I’ve tried going in as though I’m adding a photo and uploading that way, but it just attaches as a jpg instead of as a mov file.



At the moment, attachment fields don’t support video playback within Airtable (whereas we do support audio playback with .mp3 files, for example). For the time being, you can upload/download video files and play them in another application.


I have audio attachments that are not playing on an iPhone and an iPad. What could be wrong?


@Katherine_Duh - Do you know if a video playback feature is in development at all? And if so, is there an expected time frame? It would be wonderful to have this feature! :smiley:


I would also love this feature