Can CSV exports of tables (backups) be automated?

I try to create CSV backup exports of all my bases as often as I remember. However, going through everything manually is a lot of work and leads to “not doing it” more often than not.

I wish there was a way to automate this important backup process.
Can this be done through an outside service maybe?

Thanks in advance!

Can this be done through an outside service maybe?

Yes. I’m not an integration specialist at this point in my career, so I’ll let other users recommend specific tools and implementations. But since you can pull data from Airtable (through an integration or the API), it’s really just a question of what tools you would use to (1) regularly make the API requests (2) convert that data into a CSV (3) store it somewhere. But there are a vast number of ways you could accomplish what you’re describing.

I found the perfect tool: They not only allow me to set up a schedule of automatic CSV downloads, they also offer a tool for downloading file attachments from a base. That was another big issue for that seems to be solve now.

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