Can I stop an Automation before another action (Send message in slack)

I have an automation in which i get the record from the record update that triggered the automation, i then have an ‘if’ condition in which if the condition i want is true i put an output text that is later sent to the next action which is sending the text output on a slack message.

the problem is that if the condition is not true i want to just stop the automation there and then and not send the message on slack, because right now i put the script output as the slack’s message and when the condition is false i get an error saying the automation has failed because of the slack message action (in airtable notification and in email and thats what i want to prevent).

so is there a way to stop an automation in the script section or to at least tell it to ignore that failures so i wont get notifications in airtable and email about it?

thanks in advance to any helpers.

Welcome to the Airtable community!

What is your condition? You can change the trigger from “when record enters a view” to “when record meets conditions”.

On the other hand, if you can only detect the condition in the script, you will have to set up two automations—one that triggers the script. Then have the script update a field that triggers the second automation that sends the slack message.


thank you! i dont know why but at first i assumed “when record meets conditions” will apply to all records that meets the conditions so it wont work with what im trying to do, but now i saw it only applies to a record that starts to meet the conditions, so it works now.

thanks :+1:t3:

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