Can you delete the lookup table and keep the linked field?

When I delete the actual lookup field AFAIK the linked field by itself is doing what I need.

My question is why am I generating this lookup field to begin with and can you delete/not generate it into the table to begin with?lookup

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You do not need that lookup field. You can delete it.

The lookup field is for you to bring in OTHER FIELDS from the linked table, not to bring in the exact same field that you just linked to in the linked record field.

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Thank you @ScottWorld :smiley:
This is indeed the solution, so then I assume, there is no way to not generate this extra field by default. You must delete it manually every time?

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

The lookup field doesn’t generate by default. When you add a new linked record field, a window pops up that ASKS you if you want to create any lookup fields, but you can just skip that option.

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