Can you make the field type the same for multiple columns at the same time?

I have 40+ columns i need to change to the same multiple select options/same colors. Doing it manually is slow and i’m making mistakes/not being uniform. Can you/how do you copy the multiple select options of one column to make multiple other columns like that with just a few clicks? Thanks.

Welcome to the community, Jerald! :smiley: Click the field header that you want as your source, then press CTRL-C (Windows) or Command-C (Mac) to copy its entire contents. Click the target field header, then press CTRL-V/Command-V. The name will remain intact, but its contents and field options will change to match the one that you copied. This won’t work for every field type, but this screen capture confirms that it works with multi-select (you obviously can’t see my keyboard actions, but you can see the end result).