Changing Date Field to Show Day of Week

Is it possible to have the date field show a day of the week instead of a date?

It’s not possible to have a Date field do that, but it’s possible to have a Formula field process a date in a Date field and output the day of the week for that date.

DATETIME_FORMAT({Date Field}, 'dddd')

Optionally, you can have it abbreviated by using a different format specifier:

That’s very helpful! Now is it possible when those items are grouped to order them in the correct order? Right now it orders them alphabetically … Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday. Alphabetical seems like the only option.

Well, it’s a little uglier to look at, but adjust the formula to this:

WEEKDAY({Date Field}) & " - " &
DATETIME_FORMAT({Date Field}, 'dddd')

That will prefix the day as text with the number of that day in the week:

That will sort the days in their appropriate week order when sorting by that field.

Perfect, thanks! Just what I needed…

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