Check if a cell has string of caracters


Hello Airtable hackers,

I am working on a listing of urls (let’s say 100) and the first part of the job i want done is to filter the data to remove (clean) some special urls.

all urls having :

  • forum
  • category
  • tag
  • gallery
  • viewtopic.php
    • other rules i may discover

Have to be removed automatically from my listing.

I don’t know if it is possible to create a table in the base called “rules” and one called “cleaning” ; when i copy paste the urls as rows in “cleaning” it automatically checks each cell and check if there is such a word (rules) into it. If the string od data is found then the column next to the url is filled , let’s say with the “rule” word.

I can then filter my view and delete this data that i definitely don’t want.

Thanks for your precious help


why not just use multiple filters- one for each string? you can then have a view with the filters that contain it, and another for the ones which don’t contain it. if your end result is a combination of both, then a new column with your “rule” word.


Hey @Tyler_Kurlas yes indeed it could be a solution thanks a lot !


@Alexis_Sindicic I don’t believe my suggestion qualifies me as a “hacker” yet lol…