Chrome Browser Overlap Issues When Viewing Bases

Any suggestions for how to view my Bases properly in Chrome?
I’m on a Macbook Pro viewing on a LG monitor, although if I move the tab to my Mac the issues still exists.

All is good when I’m on Firefox.

See comparison of both browsers in screenshots.

Well I solved my own issue. The font size in my Chrome preferences was set to custom and much larger than normal. Once I set it to the recommended (medium). Things adjusted and realigned. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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The text size differences makes me think chrome is just zoomed in? That would be fixed via these controls:

  • Windows and Linux: Press Ctrl and + or - .
  • Mac: Press ⌘ and + or - .
  • Chrome OS: Press Ctrl and + or - .

That said, I use Firefox and have had fewer Airtable issues than some of our users that use Chrome.

Thank you @Zollie. Just for anyone else should they have the same problem. I did try zooming out and it did not fix the problem.
I had to go into the font size preference to fix it.

Noted: That Firefox has fewer issue. I have an unhealthy relationship with Chrome so perhaps it’s time to end it. :slight_smile:

Awesome. Nice job Kai

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