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Any suggestions for how to view my Bases properly in Chrome? I’m on a Macbook Pro viewing on a LG monitor, although if I move the tab to my Mac the issues still exists. All is good when I’m on Firefox. See comparison of both browsers in screenshots. ...
As a result of my newbie status I have a lot of fields in each TABLE of my base that are not going to be used. This happened over the course of several weeks as I developed and revised my base. Is there an easy way of knowing if fields in my TABLES ...
This seems so simple. What am my missing? AUTOMATION TRIGGER When a record matches conditions When “Publish Date” is not empty (this test runs successfully) ACTION (see screenshot) When I enter a publish date I’d like the Status field to update from ...
I have a Scenes Table with records listing each scene (Scene Name) to be shot for a video (Video Title). Once the Scene Names are all listed they go to a Shots Table where shots for each scene are created. In the Shots Table each record is based on...
Hi there ~ I think this is simple but I can’t grasp it. STEP 1: In Content Creation Table enter one of three options in my Reinforces field: Message 1, Message 2 etc. STEP 2: Content Title from Content Creation Table record is automatically entered ...