Column time + 1 minute

Hi everyone,

I am trying to auto publish content to my site according to formula in my table.
My curl filter is - filterByFormula={diff}=1.
The filter is working great but it seems my logic is lacking when it comes to determining what formula to use to get {diff} =1.

I have a table that includes a column {publish-date}. {publish-date} is set to US 24hr format.

In my {diff} column I tried IS_BEFORE({publish-date},TODAY(HOUR(8))) and IS_AFTER({publish-date},TODAY(HOUR(8))). It worked for one day then went screwy.

In the end I want content from my table row to appear on my site once the current time is past it’s {publish-date}, specifically after 8 AM of it’s {publish-date} .