Common Tasks in Project Tracker


I am just getting familiar with Airtable, doing some test driving, so sorry if this has been answered elsewhere and I just couldn’t find it.

I would say a vast majority of the Projects we do all use the same tasks over and over. Is there a way to create like a “preset” when you add a Project it just pre-populates a set of all the common tasks?

I’d considered just using 1 task that is attached to multiple projects but we’ll track time on those tasks and although they are all the same task they may take a different amount of time to complete. Not to mention, different employees may be completing them so they’d need to be assigned to different people.

Project Management Template

I think the best way is to automate the creation of the tasks set when a new Project is created, with Zapier or Integromat. Check the other threads:


Hello Everyone,

We are in advertising business and we have similar repetitive tasks. For every client, we are planning to use Project Management base. Our requirement is that when I enter the record in Project Table, four Task should get added to Task table. These four tasks are the repetitive activities which we have to perform each time.

Hence looking forward to your guidance to know if I can prepare some template so that every time Project is added, relevant Tasks get added.


Check this: Common Tasks in Project Tracker