Confidential information

I have one field that is proprietary, and only half of my team is legally allowed to view that content. How do I set up Air Table to allow half of my collaborators to see this field and half of them to not see the field?

I was thinking I would set up two bases, and flow half of the info from base 1 into base 2, but that doesn’t seem possible.

The idea of hiding the field isn’t useful because my team would just “unhide” the field. I have explored using the link, however the collaborators that would be using the link also need to make entries in my table.

Any and all solutions are welcome…

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Regarding the collaborators who shouldn’t see this confidential info: do they need to edit existing data, or are they only adding new records? If it’s the latter, you could only give them a form link that lets them add new data, keeping the full table access limited to others.

They would be adding check marks to indicate their row/task is complete

Hi @Marci_devries

Airtable doesn’t currently have that level of granularity when it comes to security - essentially anyone with access to a base gets access to all the data within it.

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