Copy row order between views

If I change the record order in Gallery view - it doesn’t reflect in the original grid view. Why the heck not?

e.g. I have these rows:

Point #1
Point #2
Point #3

In gallery view I change the order to:

Point #1
Point #3
Point #2

When going back to grid view - I still see the original order - #1, #2, #3

Is there something I’m missing?



Hi @Rashid_Kotwal welcome to Airtable community :slight_smile:

All the settings you in a view correspond to this specific view, so changes in sorting or even hiding of fields affect only the view you work in at the moment. If you want the grid view to has the same sorting like gallery view, then you have to set up those settings there as well.

Here is a nice explanation of this fact: Guide to views – Airtable Support

For any other question please do not hesitate to text in community!


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