Create an Opening Page

I am trying to figure out how to add an opening page/view for one of my bases that gives people quick instructions on how to use it. I saw the feature on the Black Lives Matter resources Base (which was amazing by the way). Hope to use it myself. Thanks for the help (in advance).

Welcome to the community, @Doc_Miller! :smiley: Inside your base, click the arrow at the top near the base name, then choose “Base Description”. A dialog will appear where you can enter a description for your base, including any instructions you want to leave for first-time users.

How do I get it to display when new people enter the base? The landing pages I have seen are highly designed and are always the first view you seen when you visit a page.

It’s automatic. The first time that someone opens a base, that description will appear as a popup in the center of the screen if they haven’t seen it already.

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