Create pdf and store it as attachment

I would like to generate a PDF out of a record (to easily visualize the data) and attach the record as an attachment. I would like to do this for all the records in my base.

Any ideas on how to do this using either a script or Zapier/Integromat, possible using Formstack (does not have to use formstack though)? Would love any insight - I am capable of coding in JavaScript and can leverage that if necessary.

Hi there!

Happy to help you with this. Our Page Designer block would be perfect for this use case. You can display a record on a page in any template you create. You can include different fields on the page and each page displays one record. When you’re done, you can print out your records or turn them into PDFs to then attach to your record in an attachment field.

You can watch a video explaining this block in more detail here:

Hope this helps!

I do something like this for my business invoices. I build an HTML version of the invoice (pieces made in various linked tables, all rolled up into the main invoice and assembled via some helper formulas), and click a field button to trigger a script that calls an Integromat webhook, passing the record ID. The Integromat scenario pulls the HTML from the Airtable record, sends it to CloudConvert to convert it to a PDF file, then saves the PDF into an attachment field in Airtable.

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Yes, you can do this with Integromat by using DocuPilot or FormStack Documents. DocuPilot is the preferred way to go, since it is cheaper than FormStack. But there are other document-generating websites that you could use as well.