Create record with script: weird error U: Validate this value before parsing

Greetings, folks:

All I want is to create the next record:

let nuevoRegistro = {
                'ALUMNOS': [{ "id": }],
                'ANHO': [{ "id": }],
                'CENTRO': [{ "id": }],
                'isAlta': { name: "Yes" },
                'CLASE': { name: clase },
                'CURSO': [{ "id": }],

With the following function:

let crearRegistros = async function (tabla, nuevoReg) {
    return await tabla.createRecordAsync(nuevoReg);

And what do I get when I run this? await crearRegistros(tabla, nuevoRegistro);

U: Validate this value before parsing

I couldn´t find any info about scripting errors. I hope someone did and would like to share what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!

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Regarding this problem, I still don´t know why, but it has dissapeared. Now it works.

I suspect I built the record wrong. Thanks a lot!

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