Using Airtable's own datagrid component

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello! I’m trying to build a linked record editor.

I’ve discovered that Airtable’s own grid component (the same layout as the Grid view type) isn’t available to use in the UI kit.

Is there any way to embed Airtable’s grid component in the app?


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As far as I’m aware you’d need to either build your own or use another UI kit to include an editable table/grid interface. That’s what custom apps like Amplify does.

That’s unfortunate. Thank you for your response!

Has anybody here used an UI kit with a good datagrid component that would work for live record editing?

You could try the datatable by PrimeFaces. Its the one I recommend and I think is the one used in Amplify. PrimeReact

It allows you to double click on a cell to edit, which you can tie into Airtable’s hooks to actually update the record in the base.

Thank you for the help!