Creating a formula that multiplies values from a linked table to another field

Hi all, I am sure this has all been asked before. I have a field that is linked to another table but I have ‘Allow linking to multiple records’. When I create a formula that multiples this field to another, it will work when there is only one record selected in the linked field but returns a ‘1’ when it tries to multiply to both.

Ideally, the numbers in the linked field would be added together to give a total, then the formula could multiply that number with the other field to give me a total. Is that workable?

Thanks for those who have started looking into this. What I did was the following:

(SUM({Size (Ha)})*{App Rate (L/Ha)}

It seems to have worked! Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of more questions.


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Thank you for posting your solution.

Would you mind also letting us know the field type of your {Size (Ha)} field? Is it your linked record field, a lookup field, or something else? Field types play an important part in figuring out issues with formulas.

Normally I would expect the formula you posted to be in a rollup field.

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