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I am trying to find out if there is a way to create a link, that when you click on it, it immediately brings you to/opens up a different table.

For example: I have a main spreadsheet with labels in Column 1, stating the type of promotional item we need. T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, etc. Then I have a separate table for each type of item. So a table for T-Shirts with info on each t-shirt order.

I want to be able to click on the word “T-shirts” from Column 1 in the main table, and have it open up the “T-Shirts” table with specific information on each order.

I understand how to link so it will show you the records when you expand the data field, but I want to actually GO to that specific table. I also noticed if I try to do this with just a single data field, then it links ALL of the data fields in the column to the same record. I want each record to be able to link to a different table.

I hope this makes sense! Please feel free to ask any additional needed questions. Thank you in advance for your help!

I believe that this can be done with the new button field and a custom JavaScript. One of the JavaScript experts will hopefully reply on this thread! :slight_smile:

Hi Maggie and welcome to the Airtable community!

Yes, I believe this is possible because the Airtable links including tables to views and even records are immutable URIs which is the geeky way of saying they are unique and sustained addresses.

I believe this is possible with a simple formula in a button that evaluates the value in Column 1 (Name in my example) and returns and opens the URL for a given table. Imagine this table for example and also a table for each of the product types in the Name column…


The button field is a simple switch statement returning the Airtable URL for just the tables relative to each name (i.e., type of promo product).


The resulting buttons behaviour opens one of each table (make sure you click play on the video to see the complete operation) -


To offer another spin on the idea from @Bill.French, I would consider adding a {Table ID} field to store each item’s table ID in the main table itself. After all, it’s relevant data for those items. Then the button formula can be greatly simplified, and won’t become unwieldy as the list of items grows:

IF({Table ID}, "" & {Table ID})
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Indeed, I thought about this and veered away because it would require populating lots of records (potentially) with repeating table IDs. But… one could also envision abstracting the table IDs to a linked table and that would be quite beneficial from a scale and maintenance perspective.

It’s rare that I say “don’t write script”, but I couldn’t easily justify anything except a native solution in this case, which is nothing short of a layup for you formula experts. :wink:

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Hi Maggie! :wave:t5:

Curious about your Schema/Base Design. I think there’s an opportunity to consolidate a lot of your tables into the following:

  • Orders: Who ordered it, where it’s going, (linked) items ordered, (rollup) cost
  • Ordered Items: Amount of promotional items for a particular order, (linked to orders table)
  • Promotional Items: characteristics of promotional items - vendor, price per unit, weight, etc.

This could reduce the need for a lot of buttons as well. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about


Thank you all SO MUCH! I definitely have a lot of good information to help me move forward with the project, it’s exactly what I needed.

@VictoriaPlummer I totally understand what you’re saying. I too think it would be a good idea, but trying to create something off an already existing spreadsheet that our CEO would like to keep close to that idea. So I may try and do a blend of both to make it easier but still make the boss happy :slight_smile:

Again, thank you all immensely!

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