Date time formula field not working in Automation


I have 2 fields: Start Date and Time (Calendar filed) & End date & Time ( Formula field based on Startdate+ Duration)

I am trying to create an automation for creating events in Google calendar based on the checkmark trigger. But get an error refer the image.

Please help

This seems to be some sort of a bug in Airtable. I would send an email to about this issue, and post back here with what they say.

It looks like there is not end time in your screen capture. Can you check the record in the grid view to see if there is an end time and duration? Also check the formula for the end time to see why it might be returning a blank value.

I’ve already tried it with both start time and end time, and it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried with all day events and not all day events. Airtable will only accept date fields, not formula fields, which is not right. I’ve reported it to Airtable as a bug as well, but so should @Khyati_Chudasama

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@Khyati_Chudasama Another Airtable consultant just gave me the workaround to this bug. Create an earlier automation action to set a normal date field to the contents of your formula field, and then use that date field in your formula.

However, be sure to still report this bug to, because we shouldn’t need to go through this extra step.