Datetime_format trouble

Trying to auto create a unique key in a table used for tracking grazing on a cattle farm.
So my current formula is
“(Pasture & DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, ‘M/D/YYYY’)”
Where “Pasture” and “Date” are both fields in the table.
Any help?

By putting the whole formula in quotes you’re telling Airtable to literally type “DATETIME_FORMAT” and not process the function. If you take the quotes and parenthesis at the beginning away it should work:


If you want to add a space between the two:

Pasture & ' ' & DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, 'M/D/YYYY')
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If needs unique number you can use recordID

Pasture&’ ‘&DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, ‘M/D/YYYY’)&’ - ID=’&RECORD_ID()

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