Display only the Last Updated Modified Value

HI, I have a guest list for an event and want only the last /recent entered values to remain. Unique identifier is guest name guest code as F1,F2,F3,F4,F5.

Suppose guest F2 again enters the form after 10 days with new arrival date and departure date - then he previous entry one should be hidden from my sheet and only this be considered in all rollups/lookups/linking.formula etc.

I shall calculate rooms required, catering etc when guests enter arrival/departure/no.of persons etc. data using a form

When there are two entries in the form for same guest, say F2 - I want the Last modified time to be picked up /maybe in a different view and the first one should be hidden and out of my calculations.

Effectively- Duplicates in the same column (F2, F2) need to be removed and only the value (F2) with last modified time should remain.

With this feature- I allow guests to change their plan/date/no.of persons requirement in future by entering their guest code.

Are the guests (F1, F2, etc.) listed on another table? If so, you can use a conditional rollup to accomplish this.

I would make sure the entries submitted by form are timestamped with a CREATED_TIME() field. Let’s say it’s called {Date Submitted}. Next, I would add a rollup field to your guests table, pointed at the {Date Submitted} field on the form entries table, call it something like {Most Recent Submission}, and use the formula function:


Next, add a lookup field that pulls {Most Recent Submission} to your table with the form entries.

Finally, add a formula field with a formula like…

IF(IS_SAME({Date Submitted}, {Most Recent Submission}, 'day'), {Field you want to rollup})

Replace {Field you want to rollup} with whatever field(s) that has/have the data you’re trying to parse through. This should give you only the data for that guest’s most recent submission.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @Neads_Admin - It works ! With Filter, it just shows the last modified field as expected. Thanks a Lot ! Truly appreciate !

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I have a similar issue but I am stuck. I have submissions of the for each associated with a separate item in my table.

So I need the most recent update for each specific item. Submissions are updated weekly and I don’t want to bring in old ones in my rollup.