Displaying items from multiple tables in a single calendar?


Hi. I have multiple tables that contain dated items. Is there any way for me to display those dated items in a single amalgamated calendar, even though they’re in separate bases?



Welcome to the community, Lee! :slight_smile: Calendars in Airtable are currently implemented as views, and views are tied to individual tables. The only way to do what you want in the current version of Airtable is to link records between tables and use lookup fields to pull dates from one into the other, then build a calendar view in the table where they’re all collected.

Another way to view everything in one place is to create a subscription link for each table’s calendar view, then subscribe to all of them in a separate calendar app (Google, Apple, etc). It’s obviously not as clean as keeping everything inside of Airtable, but my preference is to use Airtable primarily for data entry and manipulation, and a calendar app for actual calendar viewing, so I don’t mind the crossover.

I’m hoping this is a typo, and that you meant “separate tables” (you opened with “I have multiple tables”). Linking between bases is currently not possible.

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Hi @Lee_Unkrich - another option might be to see if you can consolidate all of your items into a single table, then they can appear in the same calendar view. This might not be possible depending upon what you are tracking, but, for example, let’s say you are tracking client meetings and you’ve got a table each for Jim’s meetings, Jane’s meetings and John’s meetings. These could all be in the same table but with an additional attribute that marks them as belonging to Jim or Jane or John. You can create views on this table so that Jim only sees his assigned meetings etc, etc.