Documents from Airtable for Digital Signing

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I want to send a document (attachment field in Airtable) for digital signing and then have the returned document saved in Airtable also. Effectively the unsigned document will be loaded into Airtable via a form and once certain conditions are met it will be sent to another recipient for digital signing.

Is this possible through integromat or zapier? I don’t have a preference on signing platforms as of yet - just whatever will work really.

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Hello Theo,
In theory what you want to do is possible with both Zapier and Integromat.

I think the challenge might be finding a digital sign platform that you can upload a doc for others to sign. Most platforms that I know you would need to setup the document in the platform in order to have it signed on the platform. Hopefully someone on here will be able to point us to the right app.

In terms of esign platforms - check out . I have no affiliation or connection, it’s just a very simple and cool app.

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This is indeed a challenge; there are no services that I’m aware of where you can submit a PDF and have it transformed into an e-signing-capable document. All of the e-signature services use a template approach that allows them to bind digital signatures to the resulting document. This is a key requirement because third parties cannot have the ability to substitute either a document with a signature or a signature with a document. Indeed, they must control the binding of data and digital signature fields into a unified binary that cannot be easily modified.

As such, you probably need a process like this, a solution architecture that has worked well for many Airtable clients. Note the only two blue lines represent the manual steps - all other steps in the process are automated.

Thank you both for your replies!

@Bill.French are you able to give me a little more information on the Automation script to send the PDF to and from ESignatures?

Almost any scripting environment is capable of using the Airtable API to achieve processes like this. I tend to use the Google Apps Script environment because most businesses have that and it’s free and open to develop javascript [severless] apps.

Documents themselves are based on templates in E-Signatures which contain substitution field names that are populated through the E-Signatures API. The automation script runs every ten minutes looking for contract jobs to run and then uses the Airtable data to replace the values in the template and E-Signatures then builds the PDF with digital handlers to get signatures from designated parties.

I use signrequest for this task.

Airtable form information received. I click a checkbox(airtable) to send a template via signrequest prefilled(Zapier) with form data for signature. If there are more than one signer you can make another column(Airtable) for their email before clicking the checkbox in airtable.

The signed document (PDF) is then sent back into airtable for record keeping. The only manual task is basically clicking the Checkbox to initiate the process and if needed adding more signers.

Look up
Signrequest How to pre-fill a document using external IDs

Thank you all for your answers!

@Anthony_Vila I ended up creating a very similar workflow using Signnow.

For anyone that comes across this topic in the future, as Anthony said, you need to find a signing platform that will allow Zapier to trigger the sending of a template - the template can be prefilled with the data entered in the Airtable form/table.

Also, just to note at this stage, Integromat does not appear to have any integration with signing platforms to achieve this same result.

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Yep, that’s one way to do it, but there are others that don’t involve Zapier. It depends on your requirements which implementation approach works best.

Hi Theo

Here is is two great links that will probably sort you out. Especially the video from Gareth Provonost.He is excellent with automation and Airtable. Cor does not know it yet,but this is his next project for our company. Hope this help.

Jotform Approval Singnature Workflow


Sorry,after I send this one I saw I am a month late.



Anthony, would you be willing to walk me through this process? This is exactly the problem I have bee struggling with !

Integromat supports at least 3 signing platforms (and maybe more):, Eversign, and Zoho Sign.

They don’t yet support some of the bigger players, like HelloSign or DocuSign, although technically you could use Integromat with any website that has a REST API to tap into.

It also says on Integromat’s feature request page that native DocuSign support is “in progress”, although when it rolls out, it will require the purchase of a DocuSign API Plan. (Not sure if Zapier has the same requirement for DocuSign.)

Hey @Anthony_Vila, thanks for this. Got it all working except the last step, sending the signed document back to AirTable from SignRequest. Cannot seem to figure out how to make this happen? Thanks in advance.

It’s a bit more complicated for this step.

I would add the Id of the row from(airtable) into the title somewhere in zapier task you made. Use something like" john doe contract -id1324224-"

The reason for the lines are important. We make one separate zapier task to check for new signed contracts. Use the formatter task to extract the Id between the text between (- -) (-id7372837-) and have it search for that specific Id row in airtable. Then have zapier place the document in a column labeled file field in airtable.

The id is important because there isn’t that much data from the file to extract to place it in the appropriate spot in airtable. So when sending the signrequest one must put some time of placeholder like the id of the field in the title of the document.

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Tony Vila

@A_La_Plancha the way that I dealt with this is an update field step as the last part of the zap to kick-start the signing process, basically get Zapier to write the document ID (signrequest and signnow both supply this Document ID) back into a blank airtable “Doc ID” field.

Then have a separate zap that is triggered once the signing process is complete - this zap will cross reference the “Doc ID” field with the ID of the completed document and then upload the completed PDF to the blank attachment field for the record.

Also, if anyone else comes across this - Integromat has just released signnow integration which is great news!