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I am the only user on my AirTable account. I utilize a large storage plan on Dropbox. Is it possible to link the Attachments from AirTable directly into this Dropbox as opposed to having to purchase an additional storage plan at double the subscription cost from AirTable?

Welcome to the community, @KMM_Admin! :smiley: If you’re asking about dropping attachments into Airtable, but having them ultimately end up in Dropbox, that’s not currently a native option. Airtable uses its own storage space for all attachments. However, you could probably configure something where you drop the attachment in Airtable, then use Zapier or Integromat to detect the new attachment (via a view in Airtable), copy the file to Dropbox, remove the Airtable attachment, and add a link to the new Dropbox file in the Airtable record.

I might be missing the point, but why not just put the DropBox link in Airtable with suitable permissions for those who click?

That would work. My guess is that @KMM_Admin wants to save a few steps by dropping the file into Airtable and automating the rest. To do the reverse, you’d have to add the file to Dropbox, copy the share link, then add that link to Airtable. It’s a little extra navigation, but the same end result.

Hello all - this is for a nuanced system. We accept video and audio files from clients which we edit and compile. Yes - we could require a “Dropbox,” “YouTube,” or “Google Drive” link, but those systems require customers to have those platforms and they also leave a margin of error for permissions. We’re collecting thousands of videos from clients along with information that needs to be collected with a form. We’re a 2-person company, so the Enterprise account is overkill for all other aspects than Attachment storage.

Appreciate all the input!

Yeah, as @Justin_Barrett mentioned above, I think that Integromat or Zapier would be your best bet for automating this. Integromat is my preferred platform — it’s more powerful, more flexible, and cheaper than Zapier.

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